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As manufacturers enter a digital age, e-commerce portals enable cost savings, efficiencies and growth. Qontak provides e-commerce platforms powered by our CRM engine to enable our clients’ customers to order directly through a whitelabeled e-commerce portal. Track your customers and distributors’ end customers to build transparency.

Ecommerce portal products
  • Purchase / sales orders or repeat orders are directly ordered from whitelabeled e-commerce portals to our CRM engine which produce powerful analytics
  • Qontak CRM sends orders to existing ERP systems and remind key stakeholders to follow up
  • Qontak CRM automates any documentation and process flow management
  • Eliminate manual entry work and build on automation
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Qontak.com does not accept personal email addresses like those from gmail.com, yahoo.com or hotmail.com.

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About our Data

Qontak.com provides business contact information and company profiles to help companies with their sales and marketing

We use a combination of technology and the community to find and verify data to get you the cleanest data possible.

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Data Privacy

Qontak.com takes data privacy very seriously and is committed to helping businesses grow.

  • We never take people’s personal data (no mobile phone numbers, personal emails or addresses)
  • All contact information is limited to company emails, land lines & information
  • Our standards make us compliment with the Singaporean Data Protection Act
  • We never sell your personal information
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