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Offer Ends on: 28 02 2019

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Thousands of companies have used our service including:

“Qontak is a fast and easy way to gain contact information. They helped me double my connection base”

- Harris Mu, Chairman of Internet Marketing Association

“Qontak has been helpful in helping us find leads across SE Asia. We were looking for specific leads in the research and technology area, which they found with ease”

- Corp Isernhagen, Lux Research, Managing Director

“We received approximately a 10% response rate for personalised emails that we sent out”

- Ryan Baxendale, Centurion Information Securities, Managing Consultant

“Qontak has an extensive and verified database with sophisticated and unique technology that hasn’t been seen in Asia”

- Joe Wadakethalakal,, CEO

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Terms of Conditions – Travel Promo Bali

  • Qontak Pte. Ltd. is committed to providing two adult round trip tickets to Bali from any location in Indonesia, Singapore or Malaysia using our travel provider Traveloka.

  • This offer is conditional upon a user being synced into by either signing up via Google Apps for Work, Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Outlook. Personal emails and emails outside of these email providers cannot participate in this lottery.

  • After registering on our platform, users must send a confirmation email to with the subject #gettravel and includes email, phone number and full name of the registrant.

  • Registration using fake emails, email double or fake identity will not be included in the draw refers decision.

  • Offer expires on February 28th, midnight Malaysia time.

  • Users should keep in sync-in with a valid email, during the offering period applies.

  • Ticket will be sent one (1) month after the offer period ends.

  • Each user sync will give the user one “lottery ticket”. At the end of the offer expiration period, a user will be chosen at random to win a free trip.

  • Travel tickets can not be sold or given to third parties.

  • A minimum number of 500 sign ups must occur for the lottery to be valid.

  • Users are required to have ID or a valid passport.

  • The offer is limited only to one promotion of Qontak Rewards. Users cannot follow more than one bid.

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