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We are in the business of helping you find the right candidates

Qontak’s solutions allow you to proactively uncover experienced candidates and spend more time doing what you do best: interviewing.

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    Qontak’s unique technology enables you to collect data that is not available anywhere else. By using machine learning, you can filter our data by job function, seniority, industry and more making it easier to find the right person.

  • Instant

    Tired of manually adding connections? Qontak gives you instant access to contact potential talents across Indonesia. You can reach them anytime directly to their e-mail inbox.

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    Too many candidates?

    Organizing your data has never been easier, our user-friendly data manager helps you track your potential candidates effortlessly and flag and monitor your performance. Never again you will miss the opportunity to get the best people onboard on your team.

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Qontak.com does not accept personal email addresses like those from gmail.com, yahoo.com or hotmail.com.

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About our Data

Qontak.com provides business contact information and company profiles to help companies with their sales and marketing

We use a combination of technology and the community to find and verify data to get you the cleanest data possible.

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Data Privacy

Qontak.com takes data privacy very seriously and is committed to helping businesses grow.

  • We never take people’s personal data (no mobile phone numbers, personal emails or addresses)
  • All contact information is limited to company emails, land lines & information
  • Our standards make us compliment with the Singaporean Data Protection Act
  • We never sell your personal information
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