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  • Raise revenues and productivity of your sales force with proven features
  • Launch Qontak CRM in minutes instantly without any expensive fees
  • Lower costs at your company with sales force automation
  • Get free training and support across Indonesia with our consulting team
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Key Features

  • Customizable software
    1. Instantly Customizable Software

    Customize Qontak software instantly to meet your business process needs to manage your business easily

  • Mobile
    2. Offline Mobile Application & GPS

    Use our customizable mobile application without internet to manage your business and optionally track GPS locations without internet

  • Dashbord
    3. Sales Dashboard Reporting with Customizable Analytics

    Qontak’s customizable dashboard allows you to build customizable analytics, filterable by users, teams, time period and more

  • Kpi
    4. KPI Software & Task Management

    Track team performance using any customized metric to improve sales or operations in your business

  • Documents
    5. Automatic Documents

    Upload your Spreadsheet or Word templates to Qontak and automate all documents instantly and send out using Qontak to save time and cut costs

  • Integrate chat call
    6. Integrate WhatsApp, Chat & Call Center to CRM

    Easily integrate WhatsApp, chat and telephones to the CRM to record conversations instantly

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Sales Accounts & Activity Management

Tracking sales activities enables firms to build improved performance

  • Monitor all sales activity and build KPI metrics
  • Build custom sales activity metrics using Qontak
  • Gain a 360 perspective of all your clients instantly
  • Save all sales data historically in timelines

Deals & Process Management

Track all your business processes and deals in one software that is customizable to easily grow your business.

  • Visualize your pipeline using a Kanban board system with easy drag and drop functions
  • Set multiple custom pipelines in our software to handle enterprise complexity
  • Customize each stage to your business
  • Get trigger automations to remind you at each business stage

Dashboard Reporting & Complex Analytics

Qontak’s dashboard uses complex machine learning to build analytics that help with unique insights

  • Build analytics that help your business improve productivity and make better decisions
  • Build custom graphs and add them to your dashboard with the Qontak team
  • Customize your dashboards by team and users

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