#1 CRM Software in Indonesia to Accelerate Your Business

  • Fully Customizable End-to-End Software CRM
  • Real-time and Comprehensive Reporting Dashboard to Monitor Team Performance
  • Track Sales, Operations, and Canvassing Activities
  • Integrate WhatsApp, Social Media, Call Center, and more into One Single Platform
  • GPS Live Tracking Without Internet Connection

What is Qontak CRM Software?

Qontak CRM is a web-based application that helps you manage sales and customer service seamlessly. Track your sales activities, performance, business process, and make it easier with GPS Live Tracking. A single platform that integrates your company website, WhatsApp, Social Media, Telephone, and Live Photo.

Our Features

Fully Customized CRM Software

You can easily customize it instantly to fulfill your business needs.

Calculate KPIs and Tasks

Track your team performance using specific metrics to increase sales with Qontak CRM Tracking Apps.

Mobile CRM, Offline Mode & GPS Offline

With our mobile CRM software, you can work offline, track GPS location without internet, and make all your sales go smoothly.

CRM System Dashboard with Customizable Analytics

Using CRM Customizable Dashboard System allows you to build specific analysis/reports, filterable by the user, team, timeframe, and more

WhatsApp & Omnichannel ke CRM Integration (WhatsApp CRM)

Integrate your WhatsApp, Line, Telegram, and other social media instantly to our CRM platform.

Call Center Solution and Agent Routing

With our Call Center solution, record your telemarketer and customer service conversations and track their KPIs.

Kustomisasi aplikasi sales secara instan untuk memenuhi kebutuhan proses dan pengelolaan bisnis Anda dengan baik

Dengan aplikasi untuk sales, lacak kinerja tim lapangan menggunakan metrik khusus untuk meningkatkan penjualan serta operasional pada bisnis Anda

Monitoring tim sales semakin mudah dengan aplikasi sales order di perangkat mobile. Anda dapat melacak GPS kunjungan sales sekalipun tanpa koneksi internet.

Aplikasi mapping sales Qontak mempunyai customizable dashboard yang dapat membantu Anda dalam membuat laporan atau analisis. Anda juga dapat filter berdasarkan pengguna, tim, jangka waktu, dan sebagainya sesuai kebutuhan.

Integrasikan WhatsApp, Line, Telegram, Social Media dan lain-lain dengan mudah ke aplikasi untuk merekam percakapan secara instan

Melacak semua orderan dari tim sales & customer service yang masuk setiap hari. Mengambil order barang dengan aplikasi untuk sales yang ramah digunakan

Upload template Spreadsheet atau Word ke sales CRM Qontak untuk mengotomatisasi semua dokumen secara langsung serta mengirimkannya guna menghemat waktu

Automatic Document

Generate any document that you want instantly using spreadsheet or word document templates.

Best CRM Software for Sales Management

Track your sales activities to increase team performance by using CRM Application

  • Get a 360-degree perspective of your clients with CRM apps
  • Keep track of sales activities and setting up KPI metrics
  • Easily create your own team metrics
  • Save historical sales data in the timeline on your dashboard.

Process and Sales Order Management

  • Visualize your sales pipeline using the Kanban board system with easy drag and drop functions
  • Customize each pipeline based on your business needs
  • Get an automatic notification to remind you of every business milestone.

Advanced Report and Analysis

  • By using advanced AI, build analysis to grow your business and help your decision-making.
  • Modify default reports or build your own custom reports on leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities
  • Customize sales dashboard for your teams and/or members and measure performance based on achievements

Accelerate Sales and Customer Service with Qontak

That is why Indonesia’s best cloud-based CRM software is needed, integrated with sales software, customer service, and WhatsApp chatbot, to meet all your needs.

Client Testimonials

"Qontak has really helped us track our staff using the sales software. The key thing here is their service and support. We also asked them for a number of customisations for our business to send WhatsApp messages."

Jeremiah Jusuf

Group Strategy Head
Gulaku - Sugar Group Companies Indonesia

"Qontak is a great company and the sales technology is good. We hope we can continue to work with Qontak to help us with CRM and chat solutions."

Fanny Nuria

Head of Marketing
Shell Indonesia

"We look for companies with technologies that can help support our revenue growth and Qontak does just this. Whether with their sales system and integrations or the services that they provide."

Joseph Wadakethalackal

Chief Executive Officer
Brilio.net, Indonesia