Mobile CRM and Tracking

More Sales with Mobile

In a mobile-first world, why sell only from your desk? Get all the functionalities of a sales CRM on your smartphone. Qontak has been designed with a mobile-first mentality.

Everything you need to know about your contacts, companies and deals is just a tap away. Stay up-to-date on your deal’s details before you step into a sales call. After your call, schedule follow-up activities and update details even as you walk into your next meeting. Keep moving and never miss a sales step.

More sales with mobile

GPS Tracking and Name Card Scanning

Use our mobile system to make your life easier. Track your sales location to notify team leaders and scan name card data to prevent manual data entry. Qontak is a system built for sales people on the frontlines of sales.

Gps tracking and namecard scanning

Add Notes, Tasks and More

Every interaction results in a ton of information. You can’t afford to put off capturing these details; you can’t let anything slip through the cracks. Type down every single detail even as your meeting is in progress, by adding notes and tasks in your mobile CRM.

Add notes tasks and more