Advanced Reporting

Customized Sales, Customer Service & Project Reports

Modify our default reports or build your own custom reports on leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities. Use the insights from the CRM to adjust course and grow your revenue. Qontak works hand in hand with companies to build reports that are visually exactly what you need.

Customize reports

Reports Dashboard

If you’re looking into a specific set of sales reports every day, wouldn’t it be cool to see all those reports on a single screen, instead of pulling up each report separately? Each dashboard in Qontak CRM displays reports on your screen, downloadable into PDF, CSV and XLS. Now you can view more data and draw inferences faster without having to search for numbers.

Reports dashboard

Visualize Sales & Helpdesk Reports

Monitor your sales progress visually without any complex setups. Understand your sales results instantly with elegant, graphical tables and charts.

Visual sales reports

Trendline and Activity Reports

Identify trends in your sales over weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly time periods. Is your sales growing consistently month-on-month? You can even forecast deal value and the number of deals you can expect to close, right from your sales CRM. Gain activity reports on every action taken without having to do anything. Qontak allows you to streamline your work.

Trendline and activity reports