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Qontak’s innovative documents generator can generate any document that you want instantly using spreadsheet or word document templates. A good CRM never makes you work twice and Qontak CRM instantly automates documents such as quotations to save you time. Why use a CRM if you cannot save time and improve efficiency?

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Templates pull data from Qontak’s CRM into your own customized templates. Templates can also embed formulas as is normally done in spreadsheets and documents to provide complete flexibility.

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About our Data provides business contact information and company profiles to help companies with their sales and marketing

We use a combination of technology and the community to find and verify data to get you the cleanest data possible.

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Data Privacy takes data privacy very seriously and is committed to helping businesses grow.

  • We never take people’s personal data (no mobile phone numbers, personal emails or addresses)
  • All contact information is limited to company emails, land lines & information
  • Our standards make us compliment with the Singaporean Data Protection Act
  • We never sell your personal information
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