Deals & Process Management

Visualize Sales Pipeline

A clogged sales pipeline is often the result of stagnant deals across multiple stages. What’s the solution? A sales CRM that helps you visualize your pipeline and modify it according to your sales process.

Visualize sales pipeline

Simple Drag-and-Drop or List View

Whether you are a B2B or B2C firm our CRM caters with multiple view points. On the board view easily move deals up the sales pipeline by dragging and dropping a deal into any stage. You can break away to perform a quick filter (say by Expected Close Date), and return to dragging and dropping deals.

Simple drag and drop or list view

One CRM with Multiple Pipelines

Businesses often have multiple systems or processes happening at the same time. Qontak’s multiple pipeline view allows you to toggle among all of your business sales processes in one unified system with ease. No overlap among the systems exist and allows you to model a perfect sales solution.

One crm with multiple pipelines

Track Deals, Expire Reminders, Filters and More

You can easily track relationship deals by hovering over the deal to see the contacts & company details or clicking through them. Set expiration dates, custom fields and more along with reminders whenever you need them. Deals can be filtered comprehensively.

Track deals filters and more

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